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Unbeatable Location

Brickyard Flats is located in one of Salt Lake City’s original neighborhoods with a chic vibe surrounded by gorgeous mountain views. Loaded with trendy restaurants like Sushi Groove, Per Toi Trattoria, and Yanni’s Greek Express; art galleries; and boutique shops within a short walk, Brickyard Flats is a perfect location for convenience. The Sugar House neighborhood is equipped with jogging and biking trails, and if you need to travel a bit further, the Sugar House Streetcar provides easy public transportation. Brickyard Flats is not only centrally located for entertainment, but it is also positioned 1.5 miles from Westminster College.

Brickyard Flats

  • 1. Fairmont Aquatic Center
  • 2. Fat Cats Salt Lake City
  • 3. Liberty Park

  • 4. Brickyard Plaza
  • 5. Sugarhouse Shopping Center

  • 6. Sushi Groove
  • 7. The Brickyard Bar
  • 8. Per Toi Trattoria
  • 9. The Kathmandu
  • 10. Table X

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